About Us


At The Outpost our goal is to share our passion for shooting sports and the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. We believe that learning to properly handle, maintain, and ultimately how to shoot with a firearm, reinforces valuable principles based around respect, responsibility, and safety, all the while encouraging a spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship. Whether it is benchrest target rifle shooting, clay target shooting using a shotgun, the dynamic sport of IPSC handgun shooting, or … (we could go on all day!) the bottom line is that there is a shooting discipline to suit almost anyone’s taste, and our favourite part is that you don’t need the body of an elite athlete to get involved!

Our staff are all passionate shooters first and foremost, and we love nothing more than helping newcomers get into the sport. We have information available on the process of getting into the sport, and we’re always up for a chat! So, if you have any questions our team is here to help, with combined firsthand experience to be able to offer you professional advice in getting the right products for your application. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a contractor in need of a bulk ammunition order, with stores based across Central Queensland and a comprehensive online store that ships nationally, we carry a large range of items in stock, and if we don’t have it on hand, we will work with you to get what you’re looking for in the shortest time possible.


The man you see in our logo is Percy Edward Brooks, ancestor to the founders of the Outpost. Percy left his family farm at a young age to serve for Australia in the 1st World War. Enlisting along with four of his brothers he fought bravely in many battles on the Western Front. All the while surviving a severe gunshot wound and shrapnel injuries to his head. After the war ended in 1918 Percy continued to serve by staying on in London to work in the Army stores. He returned home some years later to Cootamundra and the family farm, where he was married and raised a family of his own.Our heritage is the reason that here at The Outpost we strive to uphold the values of our ancestors and we take pride in always serving our customers with Honesty and Respect.

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