Mix things up with your Workhorse Trap by fitting the Champion Wobbler, giving the trap the ability to oscillate and vary clay launch direction.

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Game birds scatter in every direction when flushed. Champion®'s new WORKHORSE™/WheelyBird™ Wobble™ Base simulates those hunting conditions every time at the range. Wobble™ Base sends clay targets swerving left and right (up to 45" of horizontal movement), dipping up and down (up to 30" of vertical movement). Every throw is random. An on/off switch turns the Wobble™ Base into a standard trap when needed. The Wobble™ Base brings the same dimension to both WORKHORSE™ and WheelyBird™ traps. Don't go clay shooting - go clay hunting.




  • Throws clays left/right, up/down, in any combination
  • Random clay presentation
  • Wobble™ Base Fits WORKHORSE™ and WheelyBird™ Traps
  • Wobble feature controlled with on/off switch
  • Circuit breaker protects wiring
  • Trap not included
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