The highly-effective T2 Brake from Terminator Products are designed for use on barrels up to 21mm in diameter, and are bored for chamberings ranging from .223 Remington up to .300 Magnum cartridges.

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The Terminator T2B utilises flats on top and bottom to allow for the use of a 19mm spanner by a gunsmith to easily install the brake and adjust it to the correct timing with the barrel of your firearm.  The ports on the brake are angled in a direction away from the shooter in order to provide effective recoil mitigation performance, as well as enhance the comfort of the shooter.  These ports are also situated at a 90 degree angle to the ground in order to minimise the amount of debris that is disturbed around the shooter during firing.


Please note that these brakes have standard through holes bored for .224 and .308 diameter barrels.  For use on larger calibres, the brake will require opening up to 0.025 - 0.030" over bore size, in order to achieve the proper and safe clearances.


Tapering of the rear of the brake down to the diameter of the muzzle is also recommended at the time of fitting.



Outside Diameter                  




Weight 75 grams


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